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Rachel Summer Osborne

Home Transformation Specialist

I have been involved in the property market for 25 plus years. I am not a real estate agent, my sole focus is helping sellers get the most money when selling a house. Team Swift achieves fast results without renovation.

In 2018 families that consulted with me had the following results:

1. Homes were ready and on the market within 14 days
2. The sale went unconditional in 22 days
3. We attracted buyers who paid more for low maintenance homes

Homes that stand out sell faster and for more money. One way we achieve this is with styling and home staging, something we have a lot of experience in. House staging is just one small component of our winning formula that includes a comprehensive plan to sell your house.

I understand what’s needed when sellers say sell my house and I also understand sellers’ three biggest frustrations are:

1. Time
2. Know-How
3. Trade Contacts

That is why I created a six-step formula to get a home ready and attract the right type of buyer who will pay maximum dollars. Team Swift understands that making this process crystal clear removes stress from the sale process and helps achieve success when clients want to know how to sell a house.

We have a proven track record with more than 40 success stories in the past few years. I only work with motivated homeowners and real estate agents who, like me, want the best results.

“The average call me obsessed.  The successful call me for advise”

~ Grant Cardone ~

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