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Mike Clark

At Dent, we exist to provide business accelerators for entrepreneurs so they can stand out and scale up so they can use their businesses as instruments to help solve some of the world’s most meaningful problems!

Over 3,000 clients have graduated from our world renowned business growth accelerator.

We believe that many businesses are standing on a mountain of untapped value and when they invest in unpacking their story and creating digital assets they begin to create greater levels of influence over the value that their company is known for. This allows them to move to the inner circle of their industry where they become highly valued, in demand and highly paid which allows them to create the business they’ve always dreamed of.

I’m on the Dent Global leadership team and head up the Queensland State Leader role. I’ve been passionate about business from a young age and in my first year when we took a company from $1M to £11M which has given me a buzz for it which continues to grow.

Since then I’ve taken companies from standing start to multi-millions as well as building Europe’s largest LinkedIn training company where we secured an exclusive two year EMEA wide partnership agreement with LinkedIn and served hundreds of billion dollar brands such a Barclays, Canon, Deloitte and American Express, before my company was acquired.

I’m now super thrilled to be back on the Dent team where I can help our clients get clear on what they need to focus on (and let go of) so they can accelerate their Influence and Stand Out in their Industry.

When I’m not playing around with businesses, I love being a Daddy to my gorgeous girls and living life to the fullest with my amazing wife. After 100 trips to the hospital in 2017, I’m committed to making the most of my life to raise awareness for causes that solve the world’s most meaningful problems!

I am proud to have Rachel as part of our alumni at Dent Global and proud to see her business grow and develop into a meaningful product for her clients. Making a big difference in the marketplace  

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