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Melanie Young

Melanie is a MindBodyologist™ and has been working within the health and wellness industry for over 30 years.  Her business Vivaciti (vi-vas-i-tee) meaning the quality or state of being vivacious, happy and energized, is what Melanie oozes herself, and assists people to create and maintain for their own lives.

Melanie works one on one with people in her clinic on the Gold Coast, and on-line anywhere!

Melanie combines Bioresonance Therapy (the original from Germany), together with various emotional balancing modalities, to release deep seated energetic blocks, which enables the body to come back into balance fast!

Her therapies are non-invasive, pain free, relaxing and safe to use with or without medications.

So how is this relevant in business?

Great question.  To have a productive team we need to focus on our health and wellbeing.  The daily workload for running a property maintenance team can be stressful on ones body and mental health.  This means taking some time during the day to focus on one’s health and when things get on top of you to stop, breath and meditate.  30 minutes away from the situation will lead to creative problem solving which is great for us, and great for our team and great for our clients.

Rachel has been seeing Melanie for 4+ years. It all started with chronic fatigue to the point where she was collapsing and the doctors couldn’t figure out why! If you’re a small business owner you will relate to long hours, no holidays and running on empty. This is normal practise for someone who is in business for the first 2 years.

The first session with Melanie, we discovered Rachel had no adrenaline and was running out of T3 that is produced by your thyroid. Rachel was at serious risk of permanently damaging her thyroid.  The cause – energy drinks!

In 3 sessions Rachel was back to full health with her body was producing enough energy to not require her thyroid and was storing adrenaline.  Melanie also helped with Rachel’s hay fever and food allergies to the point that they are no longer existing allergies. Melanie also helped clear any mental blocks that were holding back any business and personal successes.  This means that Rachel now has the space to create anything she desires. Which has lead to a successful business helping families sell their homes for top dollar.

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