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Jimi Costello

Home washing

Jimi is our specialist home washer and knows how to help sell a house. He has invested $18,000 in his cleaning equipment in the past two years. This means, when you decide I want to sell my house you are not only getting his knowledge, you are getting access to his high-powered pressure cleaning system which allows him to clean things in one-tenth of the time you can with your home pressure cleaner.

Jimi’s truck-mounted system allows him to get driveways looking like near-new again. His knowledge of degreasers is brilliant and he can remove almost any stain from your garage floor or walkways. Jimi can soft wash your home from the ground but he’s not afraid to get on the roof and clean it as well. He makes home washing look easy, yet when you try it, you’ll quickly learn there is much skill involved.

When it comes to selling a house and getting it ready, we always start with an external soft wash.

Just like home staging and preparing the inside of your house is important, so is cleaning the exterior. House staging inside can help sell your property, so ensure the outside is looking great too.

“If things were easy to find, they wouldn’t be worth finding”

~ Tom Hanks ~

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