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Glenn Waltson

When it comes to caring about your trees, we get Glenn in.  Why? It’s easy, Glenn has been looking after trees for 30+ years. This business was handed down to him by his dad. That means 2 generations of expertise.  So when Glenn looks at a tree, he can tell you how to save the tree. Which branches need to go and how to do so safely. If you want to remove the tree, he would do it without any damage to the surrounding fence, plants etc.

Glenn also comes from a generation of trade people who believes in keeping their word. So when he says I will be on Monday at 9am to do xyz. Guess what? One of the team show up on Monday at 9am and does xyz.  Glenn is also about community, and what better way to help the community by planting trees. So every time you book a service, Glenn organises with his local community to plant a tree. With global warming and having record high summers, it comes down to deforestation. So to do his bit for our planet, Glenn has chosen goal number 13 on the Global Goal list and help Climate change with more trees. It is also about bringing the community together and having parks and recreational centres for the next generation.  

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

~ Warren Buffett ~

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