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Cody Sutcliffe

Tile and grout specialist

Cody is one of our specialty cleaners and puts the ‘new’ back in tiles on any surface.

If you are thinking, I want to sell my house, or how to sell a house, sometimes a bathroom just needs a really good tile clean and grout colour seal to bring it back to life. This also protects the tile and grout from becoming aged and discoloured again.

Cody has been working with tiles for more than 15 years, so there is no tile he hasn’t seen. He uses cleaning practices to restore tiles without removing them. Why replace something that is just dirty? If the tiles are still glued to their surface, why not restore them? Cody is one of our ‘eco-warriors’ helping keep the planet green by reusing, recycling and restoring materials that just need some TLC.

Grout restoration is very popular on tiles older than 25 years because the colours are coming back into fashion. Some new grout and silicon may be all the bathroom or kitchen needs before getting your property ready for home staging. The best part is they don’t make tiles like they used to, a time when things were made to last several lifetimes. Simple fixes may be enough to get your home ready for the finishing touches of property staging.

”Be the change you want to see in the world ”

~ Mohandas Gandhi ~

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