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Mould Treatment and Removal

In Nature mould is a protection sheild for plant life. It stops bugs and other animals from attacking or using the plantation for their homes.  While it’s great for nature, mould is toxic to humans.  While each of us have our own immune systems daily exposure to mould can kill a human immune system causing us to get flus, after viruses, after viruses giving you a never ending cycle of always being sick.  If you suffer from Asthma and Eczema then it will be 10 times worse if you are living or working in a mouldy environment. It is also the cause of ‘summer flu’ in Australia. 

Mould loves dark, damp areas – so that starts in areas like bathrooms, under the kitchen sink, airconditioner, window stills, eves, down pipes.  Once the mould has established a strong foundation then it can grow anywhere, including areas that get sunlight during the day. 

Mould people thing bleach is the best way of getting rid of mound. All that does is cause a super mould  – it wall stay translucent for 4 days and appears to grow back 10 times faster. The only way to treat mould is by removing it. 

We have several mould removal processes depending on what surface needs treatments. 

External mould treatment:

When treating and removing mould from the external part of the building we spray a mould killer and then pressure wash it off the surface and then off the ground around where we have just treated.  We then apply a mound preventative treatment to stop the mould from growing back for up to 12 months 

We will tell you on our initial consult if the removal and treatment process will work for 12 months.  Some external surfaces are not covered in our warranty due to the materials – for example once mould it in silicone or fibro-based products you cannot remove it.  We can clean the surface and paint it to hide the mould but it will always be in the material.  

We do offer a painting service that includes and anti-mould base coast that stops the mould growing on the paint.  It works well with homes that don’t get enough light during the day. 

Internal mould treatment:

When we are treating and removing mould inside a home or office, it is a very manual process where we will spray all surfaces and then use microfibre cloths to physically remove the mould from the surface.  Once it is removed we then apply a preventative spray that is eco-friendly. Once the whole home is done we will shut it up and then fog the whole area to kill the mould spores and provide a anti-bacterial surface to stop the mould from growing back for up to 12 months. 

Even if we do all we can in the removal process we still need help from the occupants to keep the mould from coming back.  So here are some easy steps:

  1. Let the be light – always let as much light in a possible
  2. Air flow – open the windows daily and for as long as you can handle them being open, 
  3. If there are water spills clean them up as quick as possible 
  4. If you see a small mould issue – report it before it becomes a big problem. 

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