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Our focus is in providing a preventive approach to Facility Management, while enduring key relationships with the breakdown contractors are managed to deliver services to our clients 24/7. With an increasing industry focus on rising energy costs, preventative maintenance of key elements provides both longer service life, but most significantly reduced energy consumption.

SGI has a tight knit team of experienced Infrastructure Managers with their roots in Facilities, Contract and Project Management. Accountability, Integrity and customer focus is the corner stone of our service. SGI have built significant relationships with a network of subcontractors allowing us to provide prompt 24 hr service across the Brisbane Region.

These relationships have given SGI the ability to provide ALL Soft, Hard and Supportive Services to Commercial and Retail Assets, within the Private and Public sectors.

Scheduled meetings allow for the monitoring and management of all services on site. Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators allow for tracking of all services, contractors and projects.

Our model reduces costs for the customer as the relationship is only with one external contractor as opposed to managing all service providers and contractors on site.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Our Team have over 17 years of experience in asset and facility management of commercial/retail property. We have developed a Quality Assured set of systems and process for dealing with all the risks associated with property ownership, management, maintenance and new builds. We are able to provide professional services in the following key areas:

  • Site Risk Assessments
  • Contractor Insurance & Induction Management
  • WH&S Control
  • Detailed Property Condition Reporting
  • Project Management
Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Facility Management take an innovative approach to Facility Management providing our clients in house engineering services. Most issues faced in the day to day building operations require some level of technical knowledge of building services. SGI are able to provide highly skilled Facilities Management staff through Kingfisher Recruitment ensuring we achieve the highest level of performance for our Clients. We utilise Kingfisher Recruitment’s experience within their field to deliver cost effective, high performance personnel to suit the client’s strategic plans for each asset.

Strategic Facilities Management

We have the expertise to help with your maintenance planning, asset life cycle analysis and budgeting. We can also analyse the impact of your business decisions on spaces, properties and services. Our asset management software systems enable powerful analysis and reporting on asset performance.

Operational Facilities Management

We Provide tactical facilities management to keep your buildings and facilities running smoothly. We ensure every aspect is operating properly to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment to conduct business.

Facility management services weoffer.

  • Strategic asset management
  • Maintenance (building fabric) services
  • Mechanical services
  • Fire service
  • Vertical transport services
  • Grounds and gardens management
  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Security service
  • Food service
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Energy and environmental management
  • Linen, laundry and uniform services

Keeping buildings, plant and equipment running smoothly.

From replacing light globes to delicate refurbishments, wehavetheteam/oreveryjob=AONE STOPSHOP.

Our team make your building and facilities greener, safer and more efficient. We focus on preventative maintenance, long-term scheduling, detailed planning – and minimal disruptions.

Maintenance and services we offer

  • Facilities maintenance
  • Maintenance management
  • Asset life-cycle management
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Building services
  • Painting services
  • Grounds and gardens
  • Security
  • Pest control
  • Building management systems
  • Fire and emergency services
  • Energy and water management
  • Energy meter reading

Building maintenance services also encompass electrical services, plumbing services, painting, roofing, Tenancy strip-outs and fit-out works, waterproofing and flooring and floor grinding, as   well as general building maintenance.


Commercial Information

    • Acoustic Materials & Services
    • Architects
    • Asbestos Removal and Treatment
    • Balustrading Supply & Install
    • Blinds – Fitting & Supply
    • Bricks Supply & Laying
    • Building Consultants
    • Building Contractors – Alterations
    • Extentions & Renovations
    • Building Designers
    • Blinds — Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Bricklayers
    • Builders’, Contractors; and Handyman’s Equipment Hire
    • Building Contractors — Maintenance & Repairs
    • Building Inspections Services
    • Building Supplies
    • Carpenters & Joiners
    • Carpark Repairs / Resurfacing / Potholes / Bumper stops
    • Carpark Automation
    • Ceilings
    • Civil Engineers
    • Concrete Pre-Cast Panels
    • Concrete Pumping Services
    • Concrete Reinforcements
    • Concrete Treatment & Repair
    • Ties & Accessories
    • Carports & Pergolas
    • Cement Supplies
    • Concrete Formwork, Form
    • Construction
    • Crane Hire
    • Cabinet Makers
    • Concrete Products
    • Concrete Pumps & Equipment
    • Concrete Sawing, Drilling, Grinding & Breaking
    • Concrete — Pre-Mixed
    • Construction Management
    • Demolition Contractors & Equipment
    • Drafting Services
    • Slate & Slate Products
    • Staircases & Handrails
    • Surveyors — Land
    • Swimming Pools
    • Sheds — Rural & Industrial
    • Sign Writers’
    • Stonemasons & Stonework
    • Swimming Pool Construction
    • Tilers & Slaters — Roof
    • Doors & door fittings
    • Electrical Contractors
    • Engineers — consulting
    • Flooring — Composition &/or Anti- Corrosive
    • Fans & Blowers
    • Flooring-Parquet
    • Gates
    • Geotechnical Engineers & Consultants
    • Garage Builders & Prefabricators
    • Gazebos & Shade Houses
    • Glass Merchants & Glaziers
    • House Restumping, Reblocking or Raising
    • House Relocation
    • Insulation Contractors
    • Joinery & Cabinet Makers
    • Kit Homes
    • Ladders, Steps, Trestles & Accessories
    • Landscape contractors & Designers
    • Leadlight &/or Repairs
    • Landscape Architects
    • Lawn & Turf Supplies
    • Line Marking / Bitumen Repairs
    • Patio Builders
    • Pile Driving Contractors or Equipment
    • Poles — Lighting & Power
    • Partitions
    • Paving — Brick
    • Plaster & Plasterboard Supplies
    • Rendering
    • Rigging & erection Contractors & Services
    • Roof Trusses & Wall Frames
    • Rubbish Removers
    • Retaining Walls
    • Roof Construction
    • Shade Structures & Sails
    • Shop & Office Fitting
    • Timber – Trade and Retail
    • Tennis Court Construction & Repairs
    • Turf
    • Wall and Floor Tile Layers
    • Wallpapers & Wall Coverings
    • Water Features, Ponds
    • Waterproofing Materials
    • Wire & Synthetic Ropes & Fittings
    • Waterproofing Contractors

    With a single point of billing and management, it reduces the challenge of managing multiple service providers and contracts. This reduction in administration can be translated in further cost reductions, allowing your staff to concentrate on improving your business.

    Grounds and Garden Services we offer

    • Horticulture
    • Landscape master planning and design
    • Hard surface construction and cleaning
    • Project management
    • Open space maintenance
    • Fine turf and sports turf management
    • Renovation and maintenance
    • Arboreal services
    • Design and installation of effecient irrigation systems
    • Waste management and asset reporting
    • Watering and Fertilising
    • Nursery management
    • Dry land mowing
    • Garden beds
    • Weed control
    • Oval, lawn and tree maintenance

    We focus on avoidance, re-use and recycling

    Our long-term waste solution is built around audit, assessment and reporting. We work hard to develop alternative packaging and find a home for all waste products.

    SGI can offer your organisation:

    • Total waste and recycling management
    • Diversion from landfill initiatives
    • Maximum rebate revenues
    • Carbon footprint reduction
    • Full legal compliance
    • Ongoing measurement and tracking of waste achievements

    Waste Management Services we offer

    • General waste
    • Recyclable waste
    • Specialist waste – fluorescent globe mercury recycling
    • Hazardous waste removal
    • Asbestos removal
    • Clinical waste – syringes in ‘sharps’ bins

    Trusted by Companies

    AD Body Corporate
    Baker FM - Facility Management
    Commonwealth Bank
    Owens Management Services

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    Harris Feilds State School
    Kenmore State School
    Pullenvale State School
    Regents Park State School
    Warrigal Road State School
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