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Success Story 499

2 bed / 2 bath / 2 car

Success doesn’t always come in big packages, sometimes just the basics need actioning to get a home ready for sale.

The tenants of this lovely apartment abandoned it and the homeowners decided they had had enough of the rental market. The sell my house decision was made and Team Swift was asked to work its magic.

It’s said; 90% of people’s wealth comes from property. However, rentals are a double-edged sword. If you get the right tenants they will love your home for as long as you let them stay, then you get tenants who destroy and abandon. Unfortunately, we don’t get called to the homes that get lots of TLC, we get the investment homes that have been destroyed in under four years. Luckily this home was not one of those. The tenants just didn’t clean much the whole time they lived there and the children loved to touch the walls, common in any family home. Also, moving is an ordeal and takes a lot of energy, so no-one wants to come back and clean and repair once they’ve moved out – hence the abandonment of the home.

What we did in five days :
– Rubbish removal – we removed the junk the tenants didn’t want.
– Repaired the kitchen doors.
– Replaced the mouldy silicone in the bathrooms.
– Patched and painted a few walls and doors
– Cleaners called in to do a detailed clean and bring it back to new.

Doing all this ensured it was a clean, tidy, low-maintenance unit for sale. Home staging was not required.

Anyone living in Brisbane knows units sit on the market for a while as the market is overstocked as of 2018.

After a five-minute chat with Rachel, the owners understood Team Swift knew how to sell a house and because they didn’t want to fly down to DIY, they let Team Swift handle the work.

These clever homeowners also understood they needed an experienced agent, well established in the area, that already had investors on their books looking for investment opportunities. This unit ticked off several location boxes, so sold in under 22 days.

It’s often not what you know but who you know that matters when selling a house. In a city full of vacant apartments, this homeowner was lucky to find this agent who knew how to get things sold.  

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*Photos suppled by Darren Bonehill – Place Camp Hill

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