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Success Story 37

3 bed / 3 bath / 2 car

It is sad when a bank has to take ownership of a home and sell it to cover the loan repayments but the reality is sometimes things don’t go to plan.

This bank contacted a local expert real estate agent who knew what was needed to get this home to a sell my house state. Team Swift was asked to quote for the following:

  • Internal clean including a wall wash
  • External home wash
  • Garden tidy up and green waste removal
  • Remove items left by previous owners
  • Pool repair and pool fence maintenance to get a safety certificate.
  • Stairwell railing
  • Oven parts
  • Fixtures in bathrooms
  • Re-grout tiles in downstairs bathroom
  • Various patch and paint jobs and window lock repairs.

The goal was to sell the home as quickly as possible.

You can probably appreciate that cleaning can go a long way. However, some things need the attention of the right licensed tradesperson. This house received a lot of TLC but it was seeking a renovator buyer to come in and get some flow to the home. Therefore, minor repairs were the best option to meet the building and pest inspectors’ requirements to sell the home. However, the right buyer will restore this home to something that will stand out and sell for top dollar.

Team Swift understands the difference and can help regardless of which buyer you are after and what the budget is when selling a house. We are about minor improvements, like cleaning and home staging, to get a home ready for sale within seven days and getting the right offer at the first open home.


*Photos supplied by Home Style Reality

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