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Success Story 323

4 bed / 2 bath / 3+ parking

We received a call from one of our new agents at the time and he said, “I need your help with a home – we need it ready for sale and it needs to be done as quick as you can”. Rachel agreed to meet him on site that day. It was the corner home on two busy streets and the gate was closed so she parked on the street where one of her builders was doing a renovation. “I swear if the agent hadn’t arrived before me, I would have walked straight past the property. You could barely see the home through the jungle,” she said.

This home had been rented out, well the top half anyway, and the bottom half was owner storage and an abandoned office, and you could clearly see why. The gardens hadn’t been maintained in more than two years!

When this owner declared “sell my house”, he invested $15,000 in getting the home ready for sale. Most of the funds went into finding the house in the jungle. It took us four days and two skip bins to find it and it was super dirty. Our house washing expert Jimi then took a day to wash it down so we could see what needed painting and what needed repairs.

The decking was badly in need of a varnish. We had to apply four coats before it would show us an even colour, and the rusty balustrade received a few coats of paint too. Otherwise, most of the repairs and painting was dedicated to the office rooms, while three rooms downstairs were patched and painted. The tiled floors had a heavy-duty scrub to remove all the grease build-up from trade boots but overall it came up well and good enough to sell.

The house had promise as a big family home but somewhere along the way it was converted into a rental property upstairs and storage unit downstairs. You could see the neglect. Another skip bin was brought in to remove unwanted furniture. We sent some of it to the Salvation Army and various charities but not everything was salvageable. After four days of cleaning and decluttering, the house started to look like a home, one that would attract a renovator buyer. The pest report showed termite damage and some of the tree stumps needed to be treated for termites. However, the home itself was built on strong foundations. It was really the size of the land that would attract the buyer. You could subdivide and build a new house to sell, while renting out the existing house until you were ready to renovate.

When selling a house, you need to know your buyer. As we knew who our buyer was, we didn’t need to spend money on furniture and home staging or replacing carpets or painting walls. We just needed a clean and tidy blank canvas to show a renovator buyer. We often recommend house staging as a key but in this case it was unnecessary. It took us 21 days to get the property ready for sale and it was on the market only 22 days before we found a buyer who liked what he saw. This one had a sold sign at $520,000 – which was near market rates in the area. The seller still made a profit and the buyer had plenty of money to spend on a renovation or new build.

This home received the following services:  

  1. Extensive Garden tidy and clean up
  2. External house wash and roof clean
  3. Internal clean
  4. Rubbish removal – 2 XL skip bins full
  5. Declutter of home and garden
  6. Rehomed furniture
  7. Varnished the deck
  8. Painted office walls
  9. Replaced broken window
  10. General handyman repairs.


*Photos supplied by Mark Winsen – Leo & Co Reality

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