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Success Story 303

4 Bed / 2 bath / 2 car

Building homes for sale is this client’s specialty. Team Swift is grateful to be called on when needed for projects like this, a beautifully built home with care for the finished results.

Cleaning and home staging for open homes meant this home sold quickly and for $200,000 higher than the area’s average price. This was a great result for this investor.

While most of our work targets sellers, helping them get their home ready for sale, we work with a few investors. Investors know what they are looking for and it is a business decision. Sometimes this makes it easier on Team Swift as we get a clear idea of what is needed and do it in a timely manner.

This investor found a house and land package that met his needs, so the sold sign went up and the subdivision paperwork was submitted. As soon as the fence was built, the builder started constructing this new, modern home with its own personality. This home is not like all the kit homes built this year.

Once the build was done, the home was ready for cleaning and house staging.

Team Swift was called in to help get the home ready.

The 6 keys to presentation is

  1. Present a low maintenance home
  2. Immaculate builders clean
  3. Street appeal
  4. Home must look like the photos online
  5. Home Staging
  6. Make the buyer feel at home, not a guest in yours.

Clearly this is a new build with a seven-year warranty, so the builder nailed point one.

For points two to six, the home needed a detailed builders clean, landscaping, external pressure wash, staging, photography and a real estate agent who knew how to sell a home in under a month.

This beautiful property was on the market only nine days before the buyer paid $840,000 to call it home. This investor has a good team and knows who the experts are in this market for him to get the best possible outcome for each investment.

The builder also knows Swift Clean is one of the few cleaning crews in Brisbane who know how to complete a proper builders clean when selling a house. Most of the experienced builder cleaners are either in commercial circles or have moved to Sydney where they get paid properly for their expert knowledge of how to remove building grime and dirt. We hear so many stories of domestic cleaners destroying new tiles because they tried to acid wash them! Swift Clean use eco-friendly cleaning practices, although sometimes we have to use a harsh chemical to get things cleaned in time for handover. We ensure Safety Data Sheets and chemical instructions are read, and the chemical is diluted properly and tested before trying to clean a whole floor.

Just remember when you decide I want to sell my house, going cheap is not always the best solution on a building site.

Success in selling a home for the most amount in the shortest time frame all comes down to how you present your home to buyers.

It starts with understanding who you want to sell your home to?

From the start it’s about understanding your buyers wants and giving it to them.

So who are you selling to and what do you need to do with your home in order to attract these buyers?

In this success story this home was on the market all of 9 days before it was sold for $200K higher than market prices for that suburb. It takes a team of people who have a common goal to achieve this result. So it’s important to pick the right team players.

If you are looking for some handy tips and hacks to keep your home clean, tidy and low maintenance join our community at House Proud Homeowners.

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*Photos supplied by Ray White

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