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Tile Restoration

Is your kitchens, bathrooms and floors looking old and tired?

Let us take a look. We have 3 options available before you need to consider removing the tiles all together.


If the tiles are in good condition, no breakage or lifting tiles. Then let’s do a chemical treatment with the heavy duty floor cleaning machine. It will put the shine back into your floors.


If the tiles are in fair condition, just missing grout and silicone. Then we can do a grout repair and chemical treatment to bring the tiles back to new again.  Your friends and family will think you put in new tiles.


If we have broken tiles, let’s inspect. If it’s in the living area we may be able to colour match the broken tiles, grout repair and chemically treat the tiles  to bring the tiles back to new again.

These are the options covered under minor repairs and cleaning solutions.  No need to renovate just yet. We are all about repair, reuse and restore here at team swift.  If the above is still not an option then here are some more options for your tiles.


If the tiles are worn out, as in noticeable wear and tear where you have been walking, or sun discolouration, but the foundations are good, then we have several options:

  1. Epoxy flooring – create any type of flooring you want. Marble, polished concrete etc
  2. ThermoGlaze the floors – any colour you want. Great solution in bathrooms
  3. Floating vinyl floors – creating a whole different look. Give the home the wooden floors without the maintenance.

Let your mind go wild, as we can achieve a whole different look, without all the builders dust.


If you are truly set on ripping up the old tiles and replacing them with new ones, then we can still help. We have fully licensed tiler who will do the work for you.  If we really can’t save the existing tiles, then new it will be. Our tiles are very particular and have OCD issues, that means they will match the grout lines from the wall to the floor, and cut the tiles to give them a seamless finish.  The best part is: they arrive on time, do the work efficiently and clean up after themselves. So it will be like they were never there to start with

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