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Stand out @ Open Homes

7 Step Open home success by hitting the 5 senses:

Touch, vision, hearing, smell and taste.

1. Clean (touch and vision)

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A clean home is buyers’ number one request when viewing your home, so start from the street and work your way through the home to ensure it is spotless. First impressions count and buyers judge the home from its street appeal, so when you say help sell my house, it means we need to present an immaculate property.

2. Tidy (touch and vision)

De-Personalise and declutter when you are selling a house. Buyers don’t want to feel like a guest, they want to envision the home as their own.

This is where getting a stylist to do home staging will be very rewarding. Properties that have undergone house staging sell 50 percent faster and keep buyers for 20 minutes longer at open homes. This gives buyers a visual impression of your home.

3. Low Maintenance (vision)

Low maintenance homes are what buyers pay more for. Our 2017 survey tells us emotional buyers just want to move in and enjoy the home. Repairing and painting is a must.

4. Ambience (hearing)

Play calming music and set a relaxing mood with sound. Open all the windows and let the light in, switch on kitchen, bathroom and storage room lights. Buyers will appreciate you highlighting these spaces.

5.   Smell (smell)

After vision and hearing, the next sense you want to enhance is smell. Try some fresh flowers in the living spaces, scented candles in the bathrooms and fresh coffee and/or muffins in the kitchen.

6.   Refreshments (taste)

Ensure you have some tea, coffee and muffins in the living area with a help yourself sign.

The best way to keep someone longer is to offer them a beverage. Remember, your home is one of many the buyer is visiting, so make a lasting impression when you decide how to sell your house.

7. Takeaways. (touch and vision)

Have a flyer with images of your home, including features and benefits of the property and local amenities. You can also include building and pest disclosure and a pool certification if applicable. Again, make a lasting impression and make it easy for the buyer to make an offer.

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