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Roofing – Sell my home edition

When we look at a home from the street, one of the first things that will standout is a roof.

If it is visible, then we want to see it is in good condition, gutters are free of leaves and the roof has been cleaned. This will give the buyer an idea of what the inside is like.  

If you are going to spend money on dressing the home in furniture and artwork then you need to spend money on the maintenance of the home as well.  It is about attracting an emotional buyer who will pay top dollar. Skipping things like cleaning the roof, will attract a renovator buyer, or a bargain hunter who is great at DIY.  Both will give you a low offer, because they need to do work to the home before moving in. They will use a building and pest report to justify their offer.

We at Swift Home Sales, are about the seller, and educating the seller on what buyers will look for when visiting their home.  Our building and pest inspector will get in the roof and inspect it and in his report he will let us know what needs repair. Then in the Action blueprint we will offer solutions to get the home to a low maintenance state ready for sale.

This means the roof needs to be in good condition and we will look out for:

  1. Are there any leaks, gaps, rust, or loose tiles
  2. What condition are the gutters and downpipes in
  3. Is there any mould that needs addressing
  4. Does the roof need cleaning or painting

If the roof passes from a structural point, ie. no repairs required then it needs to pass a cosmetic / visual test i.e. is it clean and tidy.   If buyer can tick both these off, then we have potential for a good offer.

Emotional buyers will pay more for low maintenance homes. That means visually they get attached to the home, because it’s clean, tidy, spacious and ticks all the boxes with their needs and wants. If it passes a building and pest inspection then its low maintenance and move in ready. This will speed up the sales process, and it all starts with the roof.  

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