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Residential Pest Solution

Pests are a risk to the health of your home, your children and pets. Most homes require a yearly visit from a licensed and insured pest exterminator.

Pest control is an important part of regular home maintenance and should be on the to-do list when it’s ‘time to sell my house’, or you are thinking about selling a house. Every home is different, so Team Swift assesses your needs and advises on a tailored solution to eradicate all types of pests.

While some pests are simply unpleasant, cockroaches, mice, rats and birds can spread diseases and illness. Pest control during the cooler months is often a case of out of sight out of mind, but for the one pest you see there are many more you can’t.

The last thing you want to see is pests when selling a house, particularly when home staging and cleaning has made your house look so inviting to buyers.

We offer very competitive rates. Call us today for a free quote and advice regarding your pest problem.


Termites, or white ants, can cause massive destruction to your home if undetected. What good is house staging or cleaning if your biggest asset is under threat? Don’t worry, with regular termite inspections we can help protect your prized possession. There are more than 300 species of termites in Australia. While most are happy in their native environment, they still pose a risk to your home and can attack household timbers.

1 in 5 houses will have some sort of termite attack in their lifetime.

Don’t be one of them! If termites are detected early enough, damage is often significantly reduced. We can visit your home and offer a no obligation free quote/plan to eradicate these destructive pests. We offer very competitive rates. Call us today for a free quote and advice regarding your pest problem.


Mice and rats can become quite a serious problem if allowed to spread and breed. They can damage your walls, eat your food, and cause numerous problems around the house or business place. Reduced natural habitat means mice are being found more often in homes and businesses as they search for food, water, warmth and shelter. Usually if you spot one mouse, like most other pests, there is a significant chance there are others hiding.

Our team only uses only the latest techniques and technology to ensure that our pest control technicians always have the upper hand.

Possums & Turkeys

Possums and turkeys are protected animals so you need to safely, and without harm, catch and relocate them. If you are not prepared to get in the roof and maintain a trap to catch a possum, get a professional. Not only will we catch the possum but we will also find the entry point in the roof and repair it to stop them returning.

Let’s be honest, have you ever caught a turkey? If you DIY this, we’d love to see it! Generally, these animals will not take food from your hand. Glenn, a wildlife relocation expert from Totally Wild, will help trap and move them safely for you. We can also look at fencing solutions or garden options to help deter bush turkeys from damaging your green space.

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