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Removalist & Storage Solutions

Do you need a fresh approach to decluttering, packing and moving when deciding how to sell your house? The mobile self-storage service TAXIBOX is the answer.

Selling a house and home staging means you need to depersonalise, declutter and clean. This takes time. We always tell our homeowners, when they say I want to sell my house, that they need to look at it as getting ahead on the packing and moving out process. It will pay off when the home sells quicker and your buyer wants you out faster.

By getting a TAXIBOX you get the extra room to pack as you prepare the home for sale and house staging. We just ask that the box is not there for open homes. Street appeal is still a factor and TAXIBOX has a storage centre here in Brisbane.

This is an easy way to get sorted and it takes care of the removal and storage options as well.  We love it when one product solves many problems.

If you need help packing, decluttering and depersonalising your home, we have team members to help and if you need to get the big items out, we have the muscle. For storage and travel solutions let our friends at TAXIBOX help you. Mention the Swift code to get a discount.

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