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How important is Plumbing when selling a house?

Very important. Our building and pest inspector and home transformation specialist will pick up on visual issues with plumping. They know what to look for. As part of their duty of care, they will recommend a plumbing inspection if they pick up anything that may hinder a sale.

Cosmetic plumbing is easy to fix, like broken toilet, leaking taps etc.

We will check above ground piping for any water leaks, and the building inspector does get up into the roof and will pick up any water marks from possible water leaks that may or may not have been fixed already.  That means we may cover a lot of areas, and if there is major issues we will put it in our report. Then you can decide if you need to get the plumbing inspection or not.

Things to look for when checking for when selling a house:

  • Do the taps turn on and off easily?
  • When you turn the tap off does it make a hammer noise?
  • Does it take long for the hot water to kick in? Is the water discoloured?
  • Does the sink drain quickly?
  • Under the sink, can you see any watermarks? Can you tell what is causing them?
  • How old is the water heater?
  • Check the pressure and temperature relief valve for leaks
  • Check any concrete areas for square cut outs, ask questions.
  • Gardens, are they any wet patches, or unusual plant or grass growth in patches.
  • Are there any exposed pipes, are they in good condition?
  • Check for standing water – could be damage sewer lines.

If you have to do plumbing work, always get in a licenced plumber.  Most handymen won’t touch plumbing or roofing work anyway, but just in case, it is always better to get a licenced professional and get a warranty so that if there is an issue after the sale. The trade will come out to fix it.

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