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Not all real estate photographers are the same. A fancy camera and Photoshop can work magic but it takes years of practice getting angles right to achieve the best results. A lot of the work is in the fine details – placement of vases, magazines and obsessive attention to light fixtures, blinds and curtains. What may look great in person won’t always look amazing in the photo, so it helps if your photographer also has an interior design degree.

At Swift Home Sales, we only use the best, so Bec and Chris always come highly recommended. They take our before and after transformation photos and consistently deliver. They need little instruction, we just tell them it’s a before or after session, and they handle the rest. These professionals know real estate, photography and interior design inside out and are very easy to work with.

What we want to do is show you the difference in images for marketing when it’s time to “sell my house”. It is vital to get this right as photos give the first impression to a buyer looking at your home. We know for a buyer to get emotionally attached to a home they need to like the images before they visit the house. You need to present the home in the best way possible. It is also important to ensure the property looks like the photos, so no overexposed or heavily Photoshopped images. Home staging can transform your house, so why not capture the best images possible?

All we want to point out is the details, the small things that make a difference in an image. Can you see the difference?

We are looking at angles but also placement of items and fixtures during house staging. Does it give you a more homely feel? Property staging can make a home look fantastic but great photography can take it to the next level.

At Swift Home Sales we are obsessive in the pursuit of perfection, our clients pay us to be, so we strive to get things right from start to finish when selling a house. It is easy when you have experienced and passionate team members.

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