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Leather Cleaning

What has leather got to do with selling a house? Well, if you are going to use your own furniture and it’s leather then we need to get it cleaned and conditioned.

Our team can clean and condition any type of leather. Couch or bar stools including any metal trimming. Takes the room from looking well used to show home ready with just a clean.

Most common mistake is to use a harsh chemical on the leather that dehydrates it, causing it to crack and rip, then there is nothing you can do but replace the couch. So before you go gangbusters with a DIY project with your laundry stain remover on the couch. Make sure you are not going to do more damage in the long term.

Yes, a leather cleaner and conditioner costs money, look at it this way, would you use dog shampoo on your hair? No, it will probably give you dry, flaky scalp. It’s the same for leather, use the wrong product and you will cause damage or disintegrate quicker.  Remember that lovely leather couch is hide, from an animal so needs to be treated just like you treat your skin. So get a profesional in with the right products when required and get the leather cleaned correctly and it will last for years to come.

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