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Kitchen Maintenance

Sell my house – kitchen edition

There are kitchens and then there are well maintained kitchens.  When selling a house its always best to present the kitchen as clean, tidy and low maintenance.

Let’s be honest the person who decides to buy the house is normally the person who does all the cooking.  So we need to make sure the kitchen is ticking all the yes boxes on their list. This doesn’t mean we need a brand new kitchen or appliances, it just means this room needs some tender loving care.

So part of our home staging package we offer things like:

Deep cleaning of kitchens, great way to restore appliances and give the room a fresh clean look and feel.

Good servicing on the kitchen

To make sure all the hinges and rollers are working.  Replace any laminate, repair any damaged areas. Replace missing handles and knobs etc. Touch up any paint, or restore tiles splashbacks. This gives the kitchen is in good working order.    

So it’s not only about putting some fruit bowls, cookbooks and fancy chairs in the kitchen,  it’s also about the usability of the kitchen. Can a buyer move in and use the kitchen straight away without having to do anything.

In a few cases the kitchens are needing some extra attention, like pink cabinetry or surface damage to the bench tops.  We can still do something without renovating.

7 tips to get kitchens looking great for sell my house

  1. Laminate cabinets are dated. just change the colour laminate.
  2. Cabinets are good but the doors are dated, replace the just the doors
  3. Give the kitchen a new look by changing the handles on all the cabinets
  4. Replace the grout in the tiled splashback
  5. Wooden bench tops sand and varnish
  6. Epoxy benchtops are making a comeback – want stone benchtops without the maintenance bill – get Epoxy benchtops instead.
  7. Restore floor tiles with a chemical wash and grout restoration.

None of the above is classed as renovations and can make a huge improvement to the way your kitchen looks and feels.

When you  still have good cabinetry in the kitchen but its very dated then here are 6 kitchen makeovers that were done for around $10K for clients who were preparing their home for sale.

  • All got updated cabinetry colour without removing the existing cabinets.
  • Updated the tap ware but restored the sinks
  • Last 2 homes got a new stove
  • Most of them got new splashbacks otherwise restored the existing splashback

Also can make over laundry cabinet and bathroom storage solutions.

So you have options for your kitchen, and you don’t always need to renovate.  At swift home sales we put you directly in contact with the cabinet maker who specialises in restoring kitchens, or going kitchen makeovers that repurposes and reuses the cabinetry.

We also have extensive knowledge on restoring tiles, floors and appliances through cleaning practises. Cleaning is a lot cheaper than replacing.  So talk to us first before talking to a builder about renovating as we don’t want you over spending in areas when you don’t have to.

Meet Geoff and Jenny

Geoff is a fully licenced cabinet maker who has been in the industry for 25+ years. There is nothing Geoff can’t do, when it comes to reusing, repurposing or restoring your cabinets. If you really have to replace some or all, then we already have Geoff in the house.  Jenny is great woman who makes sure kitchen project always run to schedule.

Otherwise the rest of the kitchen makeover is left up to our epoxy team, tile or glass restoration team and our handymen to get the fixtures to match the kitchen.   

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