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Home Washing

House washing is something you should be doing every 12 months to keep the external paint lasting longer. It is written in bold print on the paint tin. But who reads instructions?

It is something that must be done to get your home ready for sale.

Our home washing services includes the following:

  1. Roof cleaning
  2. Gutter cleaning
  3. External wall wash
  4. Downpipes and eves cleaned
  5. Garage floors
  6. Driveway and walkways
  7. Pool area
  8. Fencing pressure washed

Our service also covers mould and algae removal in each full service.

Why is home washing important?

Just like home staging, it gives the home a fresh look, it restores the external paintwork that could save you $25,000-$40,000 in painting and gives the home a low-maintenance look from the outside. Think of it as house staging for the home’s exterior.

Buyers will look at new homes as well as pre-loved homes. The reason they look at pre-loved homes is location, what is in the area, schools, shops, access to public transport etc.

Thinking “I want to sell my house”, remember, emotional buyers want clean, tidy, low-maintenance homes, so a house wash is essential to attract this buyer otherwise your home may appeal to a home renovator. If that is the case, do nothing and be prepared to sell low.

If you are not going to pay someone and want to DIY, then be prepared for hard work spending a week with your pressure washer and external house washing chemicals.

Tips for the DIY house washer

  1. If you can see the roof from the road, it needs a clean. We do not recommend you DIY a roof clean, unless you are a tradesperson who knows how to stand on a roof safely.
  2. If there are leaves in the gutter, they need to be removed. Your gardener will often do gutter cleans too. If you are going to use a ladder, ensure someone holds the bottom so you can do it safely. Clean gutters before gardens so you only have to clean the garden once.
  3. You will need a bleach-based chemical for light exterior paint and a non-bleach-based chemical for dark exterior paint. The chemical used to remove mould and algae will be different again. If you are trying to remove oil stains you will need a degreaser for these areas. Don’t use a degreaser on the walls of the home, you could ruin your paint and kill plants. Spend some time picking the right chemicals and be prepared to buy more than one to get the job done.
  4. Pressure cleaners are not all the same. Do you really want to spend days or weeks cleaning the outside of your home? This is the question you have to ask yourself when buying a pressure washer. A $199 pressure washer is great for washing cars but it is not going to clean your home. The $850 petrol-powered pressure washer will clean walls and fences but you need to pressure wand the driveway and walkways. These areas need the extra pressure to remove the years of dog hair, mud and grease build-up.  
  5. Be careful what chemical you use around pool areas as you can turn the pool green with the wrong chemical. That could mean a costly pool cleaner visit, an extra expense you didn’t budget for. Less is best around the pool.

Team Swift does full home washes in a day:

Jimi is our go to man for home washes. He can clean a two-story home in five hours but he’s spent $25K on his truck mounted equipment and does this for a living five days a week.  We appreciate know-how and would rather pay the expert than DIY.

Do you want to spend 7 days on cleaning the outside of your home or do you want to pay someone else to get it done in 1 day.   

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