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Sell my house – handyman edition

We surveyed 1,000 buyers in 2017 and we were impressed with the results. What buyers are looking for when buying a home is:

  1. Clean and tidy,
  2. Low maintenance home

In 2018, we did the survey again and the results were.

  1. Low maintenance home
  2. Clean and tidy

So when selling a house we know what buyers want, and happy to help sellers achieve this when getting house ready for sale.  It’s all about the little things. Our handymen are all about the minor repairs because we know a lot of little repairs amount to a big change in the home staging process.

The emotional buyers were clear on what they want. They just want to move in and enjoy the home.  They don’t want to fix anything or renovate the home. They just want to move in and get on with life.  

To achieve this you need to fix all the holes in the walls and rehang the door that came off two years ago.  There might be some painting required, fix a broken window or finishing a half renovated bedroom. Replace broken fixtures or glue tiles back onto the wall.

We have a team of 6 handymen to help our clients. Why? Because they come with different experience. Some are great at repairing the roof and structural parts of the home.  Another it great at tile repairs and glass restorations. Then we have someone who is great at all the small items, like door handles, flyscreens and cabinetry. All our handymen are great at patch, repair and colour matching paint to walls.  

So when selling a house for the most amount in the shortest amount of time. You need to present a low maintenance home at the open home. Home staging includes minor repairs. Make sure you are getting the most out of your home staging package.

Anything less will deter buyers from making an offer, or change an emotional buyer into a bargain hunter and they will give you a lower offer.  Why, because now they have to fix things and spend money on the home before they can move in. So to compensate them for the inconvenience of delaying their move, they will take it out on the sale price.

If you want to DIY go for it.  If you need a consult from someone who does home staging for a living and is not a builder or renovator, talk to Rachel at Swift Home Sales.

She always has some low cost solutions that you can do yourself or you can hire some of the team at Swift Home Sales. Remember the greater the reward, the more work you need to put in.  A professional will get it done in less time and comes with a warranty.

Did you know?

Sellers who want to sell their homes for the most amount, spend on average $16.000.00 on home staging to get a $50 – $200K return on investment?  What are you doing, to get the home ready?

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