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Glass Restoration

The best kept secret in a bathroom is Nanotechnology glass protection.  When we install new glass into bathrooms we always recommend protecting the glass and mirrors with a nano solution. This keeps the rain effect off the glass for up to 5 years and keeps the mirror fog free in winter.

However, Nanotechnology has not been common knowledge and is available in retail stores, normally found in the pumping section, in a diluted option.  Why, is a question for the store owners.

So if we are not aware of Nanotechnology glass protection, what happens to our showers? They get an excessive amount of mineral build up that we call the rain effect glass look.  In Queensland the most common mineral is calcium that causes what looks like damage to the glass. Then we use things like CLR to remove it and it comes back 10 times quicker.

No matter how much cleaning we do, it just doesn’t come back to new again, right?  Wrong, we have a specialty team who will remove the mineral build-up and make the glass look like new again.

Here at Swift Home Sales, we are about: restore, reuse, recycle.

If it’s not broken then lets restore it. We use commercial equipment and polishing processes to restore the glass.  Once it is looking like new, we can then protect it from getting the mineral build up again with nano protect solution.

This is a great way to get a home ready for sale. If we can get bathrooms looking almost new again, that is a big appeal for a buyer.  Restore the glass and the tiles. Give it a deep clean. Buyers will pick up on this and appreciate a low maintenance bathroom. We can do this without renovation. So let’s chat before you think of throwing your bathroom away.

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