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Preparing your gardens for sale

Clean, tidy and low maintenance is not just for the house, this includes the gardens. The front garden has a big impact on street appeal, it gives the buyer the first impression of the home.  

Humans are automatically wired to make a judgment in the first ten seconds of seeing the house, meaning online images will often determine if they want to go and view the home. They will then make a second call while sitting in the car looking at the front of the house. They will get out and look at the home, judging its street appeal. Gardens can have a big impact on that judgment process.

Weeds, dead plants, kids’ toys and signs of pets have all got to go. If you are selling a house and don’t have a green thumb, let Team Swift help. We understand street appeal and know what low-maintenance gardens look like. Our gardeners are happy to do some minor upgrades to enliven your garden when you decide it’s time to sell my house. Just like home staging the inside of your home, you can make your garden look great too. Think of it as house staging your garden.

7 tips on getting your garden open home ready

1. Weeds

These need to be non-existent. Yes, there is weed spray but the best way to remove them is to get your hands dirty and pull them out. Ensure you are not shaking the seeds everywhere and put them straight into the garden bin/bag. You will need to do this weekly until the home is sold.

Remember we only have one planet, so avoid harmful sprays and pesticides. They are bad for your health and are killing our bees. Having no bees means no plants, so let’s keep it green.

Also remember, weed mats are a great long-term investment to go under mulch and pebbles.

2.  Lawns

If you have dead lawn get some instant turf. Your local hardware store or nursery is a great place to get instant lawn for small areas but if you are replacing a large area of the garden, give us a call. We can have a wholesaler deliver and install it, saving you time and money.

Remember, you will have to water the lawn twice a day and fertilise it during the sale process.  Installing an irrigation system on a timer can be a very good option instead of doing it yourself.  Set it to 5:00am and 6:00pm so you are hydrating the lawn without sunlight burning it when it’s wet.

If there are areas of the garden not getting a lot of sun, look at instant turf options. There are now artificial turf options available that look like the real thing and are very low maintenance. Remember, artificial is plastic, so if you go cheap it can get very hot in summer. We do have suppliers who can provide artificial turf that doesn’t heat up or melt in hot Australian conditions. Call us to find out more and how to sell your house.

3. Pruning and hedging

Do you have dead plants? First let’s understand why they died. If the soil is no good let’s put something there instead of another plant or use an evergreen plant that doesn’t mind low-moisture soils.

Let’s clean up dead branches and palm leaves, and trim hedges so they have clean lines and look well kept. Get some new mulch to hold moisture in the ground. A fresh garden makes a big impact but let’s not forget an emotional buyer wants low maintenance so get plants requiring little attention.

4. Mulch and Leaves

Mulch in your garden beds is great for keeping moisture in. Leaves can be turned into mulch, otherwise the leaves need to go off the lawn, off the garden beds and into a compost bin or to the waste centre. Our team can mulch them for you and put them back into your garden beds. Mulch in the garden beds won’t stop weeds, so install a weed mat first. Mulch can also dry out and look tired in six months. Be mindful that it will look good for a while but will need maintenance and a buyer may not have a green thumb, so it may be a turn-off.

5.  Pebbles

Pebble walkways are in right now. This can be a great, low-maintenance option for the side of the home. It can also help flower beds be low maintenance. Remember weed mat first, then pebbles. There are many colours to choose from. If you are going low maintenance and are happy to spend a few extra dollars over mulch, then you will get a longer-lasting solution for gardens for homeowners who don’t have a green thumb. Remember, clean, tidy, low-maintenance homes sell first.

6. Pressure wash

While algae and mould make excellent colors schemes in the garden, they will appear on a building and pest report as an action point, so it is better to eradicate hem. A professional pressure cleaner will remove them with a high-powered machine and water. This is the best solution for the home and environment. If you are going to DIY, use a hard-bristle garden broom, pressure washer and a combination of dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and oil of clove.

Bleach does not kill mould, it just makes it translucent for a few days and accelerates its growth.   If you are in a hardware store buying chemicals, remember that without a high-powered pressure cleaner you are going to have to put in some elbow grease to get the walkways clean.

7. Pot Plants

Pot plants are great for seasonal flowering species and can be easy to move around and give a great impact. They are the go-to for people who want to learn how to maintain a garden and see if they can keep plants alive. However, if you overdo them they become a nuisance and can make a small space feel cluttered. A buyer may not want that many pot plants, so get rid of some if there’s too many.

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