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Floor Sanding

Sell my house – wooden floors edition

When preparing your home for sale, it is important to make sure your timber floors are in good condition inside and out.  If you pulled up the old carpet and discovered you have some amazing timber floors underneath then don’t cover them again. Get them sanded and polished.  Buyers love timber floors.

We have spoken to so many homeowners who have told us horror stories of getting their timber floors sanded and polished. And afterwards the whole home is covered in fine red dust. Everywhere.  Our team know that doing this would make a client not want to recommend us, or book us for any further services. That is why our floor sanders have invested in their equipment and have top of the line floor sanders that have a built in vacuum so that the dust goes right into the bag and not all over your home.  

So why book with us?  We will not leave a trace of red dust in your home. That is why. Get the great result without the clean up afterwards.

Stages of the floor restoration process when selling a house

  1. Preparation
  2. Floor Sanding
  3. Floor Polishing and Staining
  4. Clean up

Timber Floor Restoration

Restoring existing timber floors in your Brisbane home is not only going to help improve its value, but you’ll enjoy many wonderful benefits from the result. Sanding and polishing timber, cork, particleboard and parquetry floors helps to breathe new life into old floors. Surprisingly, the timber floor restoration process is also faster than you think. Sell my house with timber floors must have.

We can do all timber surfaces.

These days homes have timber featured in many areas including the deck, verandah and even on the staircase. Often overlooked, these areas of the home also benefit from a little regular TLC. When it comes to preparing a house for sale, check what condition our timber surfaces are in. If they need some attention give us a call.

Timber Deck Restoration

Your home is your castle and your deck should be a warm and welcoming connection between the household and the outdoors of your yard. An entertaining deck should add to your home’s beauty and not distract from it. It should be the grand stage of your family’s outdoor activities, regardless of the size or view that it offers.

A deck is commonly a high traffic area that cops a lot of abuse, too.  This results in wear and tear, especially after continued exposure from the weather. After a few years, without proper deck maintenance, your deck can become uninviting, poor in appearance and extremely battered. This can have a huge impact on when selling a house. If I buyer has to do decking maintenance before they move in then it will be reflected in the sale price of the home.  However to fix this can be less than you expect. There is always a premium for inconvenience to a buyer, and can be very cost effective if the seller get the timber deck restored before putting it up for sale.

Happy to chat about what options are available to you when selling a house.

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