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Home staging, when to call a builder?

Let’s be clear on what a builder does:

  1. Build new homes
  2. Renovate existing homes
  3. Structural repairs to existing homes
  4. Building and pest inspections*

So when do we call the builder? When it’s time to build a new house, extend/renovate an existing home, or structural repairs.

Will you be doing any of the above when selling my home?

99% of the time the answer is no. That means you are better off talking to a home transformation specialist instead.

For the 1% that do, we have 12 builders that we do repeat work for, so we are more than happy to refer one.  Most of our clients, love the way we do transformations as it includes a method, checklists, blueprint and timeline of when things will happen. Clients who want to stay with Team Swift, and it will be classed as a renovation will get Stephen to project manage it.  

Rachel has been renovating homes for 25+ years, ans Stephen has been a builder in Queensland for 18+ years. You will not get a better combination. The rules are a little different for homeowners who want to DIY.  If you are outsourcing the work, make sure you know the difference between a cosmetic transformation and a renovation.  There is no grey area, if a builder is needed than we will tell you up front.

*Not all building and pest inspectors are the same.  

Excellent inspectors have been in the construction industry for a long time and in their younger days started out as a builder, just like Nigel.

Others have no hands on experience only the theory, and their reports will have words like possible, maybe, unseen areas.  

Before booking your inspector, just ask them a few questions:

  1. What is their building and construction experience.  If they say they were a builder for 20+ years. They know what wear and tear looks like and what impact it has on the home from experience. You want to book them in for inspection.
  2. How many pages is their report.  If it is less than 40 pages, then it’s not comprehensive enough. 15 pages will be about legislation and waivers to ensure they are not liable or sue them for anything.  Make sure you going to get a comprehensive report.
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