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Brisbane Tree Experts

There is gardening, there is landscaping and then there is caring for the trees on your property.   We don’t leave tree lopping up to just anyone. We get the expert’s in. Why? You can’t beat 30+ years of experience from a second generation business.

Brisbane Tree Experts are a locally owned business that get the job done quickly and safely with quality tree service.

  • Peace of mind
  • Professional staff
  • Experienced arborist
  • Qualified and Certified arborists
  • Safety first for our customers and crew
  • Community based
  • Claim free insurance record
  • Maintained and cutting edge arbor equipment
  • Responsive
  • Transparent

Here are some of the services Brisbane Tree Experts offer our homeowners when selling a house;

1. Consultancy

The team can provide you with great advice about your trees, and ho other tree trimming practices may be used to reduce the risks associated with tree branch failure this season, without the need to remove the trees completely.

2. Tree Removal

Make sure you receive tree removal advice from suitably qualified and experienced arborists. Not doing it right can often lead to bigger problems just around the corner.

3. Stump Grinding

No matter how big the stump or how limited the access, the team have the equipment and know how to get the job done.

4. Palm Cleaning and Removal

Sometimes palm trees on your property can create problems as they are very different to most trees. If you have Cotton Palms, Cocos Palms or Alexander Palms and don’t know how to deal with them, we are more than happy to assist you.

5. Tree Maintenance

Professional tree maintenance services include tree removal, tree survey, stump grinding, palm cleaning and removal, fallen tree, emergency storm damage, tips and advice that helps to maintain good tree health is just a call away.

It is safe to say that part of your garden maintenance you need to make sure your trees are well trimmed and not a safety risk.  It is the same when selling a house, you need to make sure the yard and the trees are low maintenance otherwise the buyer will have to spend money to do it, and they could affect the sale price.   So part of our sell my house processes on getting a house ready for sale is to make sure the trees are compliant with home safety regulations, especially around the pool area. Otherwise you won’t get a pool safety certificate.  Call today to have a chat about what your home needs to sell.

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