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Air conditioning Clean & Sanitise

We all love a Clean, presentable and well maintained home but what about your Air Conditioners?

That is why we have partnered with Sanitair,  Australia’s Largest Air Conditioner Cleaning and Sanitising Provider. Removing the hidden Mould, Bacteria and Allergens from the air in your home.

A Premium Clean increases the systems airflow and efficiency, reduces running costs by up to 28% and improves Indoor Air Quality.

Sanitair are very proud to be the only Company to confidently offer a National 12 Month Mould Free Guarantee.

As the preferred provider for many Real Estate agencies, Schools, Hotels, Child Care, Aged Care and Residential homes, they offer you attention to Detail, Honesty, Reliability and just Good old fashioned Service.

Did you know…

The air conditioning industry is divided into three main categories?

  1. Installations
  2. Service
  3. Cleaning

If you car was dirty, do you ring your motor mechanic and book it in for a clean and detail?

Probably not. Many people have been disappointed with their last air conditioning service and that is mostly been due to ordering the wrong service.

How do you know when you need a clean, not a service?

  • After winter, does your home smell funny after you turn on the air conditioner?
  • Are you getting summer flu?  
  • Does your home smell mouldy but can’t find the mould? It may be in the air conditioner.

How does air conditioner sanitation and cleaning work?

Here is their 6 step clean and sanitize proces.

  1. Indoor evaporator casing and filters –  Giving improved visual appearance and improved airflow.
  2. Cleaning of indoor evaporator coils – improves efficiency, airflow and removed odour causing bacteria.  
  3. Cleaning of the blower fan and airwell – Improved airflow and reduces airborne contaminants and vibrational noise.
  4. Condensate pan and drain flush –  Removes biofilms and reduces evaporator operational leaks
  5. Antimicrobial treatment application –  Protects against evaporator coil biological contamination for 12 months
  6. Outdoor condenser coil flush* – Increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption.
    *Ground level condensers only.

Your air conditioner will look, smell and run like New.

We can’t wait to help you breathe Cleaner Fresher Air….

This information was written and provided by Sanitair Australia.

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